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Soft Skills Become New Hard Skills

Soft Skills Become New Hard Skills

Increasing Demand For Soft Skills In Companies

As already mentioned in our previous article about the millennials generation, digitalisation is taking place in our everyday lives. It doesn’t only impact our personal life, but also the labour market and whole industries, such as life sciences.

New innovations demand new skills that are much-needed to complete certain tasks. Besides technological skills, soft skills will be of a greater demand and even transform to “hard skills”. It’s important that soft skills don’t get neglected during a time, in which companies put their focus on digital qualifications. For ensuring this, we must ask ourselves what abilities companies are searching for.

To start with, communication will always be of necessity in order to be successful. With an increasing trend to a flexible work environment and more flexible shift hours, face to face conversations become far less. Under those circumstances, having a common sense for various communication styles is inevitable. Furthermore, with an increasing digitalisation, we get access to new digital tools that help with improving our communication channels.

Secondly, adaptability helps when people get faced with changes. Being open to new trends and new opportunities is a presupposition for helping a company keep up with its competitors and stay up to date. Thanks to digitalisation industries are constantly developing, especially in those industries where new innovations enter the market on a daily basis. For example, artificial intelligence has a great impact on the life sciences industry or many other industries and confronts employees with new challenges, every time a new device is introduced.

Moreover, another essential soft skill is leadership. Leadership is something everyone is familiar with and it’s something that can’t really be defined in a specific way. However, in a digital world, there is always a need of leaders, in particular agile leaders who are flexible and can think in different ways in different situations.

Furthermore, leaders are important, so that individuals have a guide who helps them find their way to success. Everyone wants to grow and develop in order to live a successful life. Due to that, we need people who know how to manage people and difficulties and how to keep a team motivated. Additionally, a leader is a person that takes responsibility and knows how to collaborate.

But how can we help people improving those abilities?

As a company that is specialised in talent acquisition and talent management, we truly believe in coaching and training individuals. Workshops can help implement certain qualifications and help employee’s to be prepared for future changes. Companies must offer constant support and encourage their employees to be curious and innovative-thinking. At STRAMMER, we make sure that our coaching styles are modern and personally customised to achieve the best outcome for our clients.

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