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Augmented Reality could change the future of surgery

Augmented Reality could change the future of surgery

Surgeons use Augmented Reality for Spinal Surgery 

Today, augmented reality is revolutionising the Healthcare Industry. It has the potential to change medicine both for physicians and patients alike. You can now find veins easily and pharma companies can provide more innovative drug information. Most importantly, augmented reality can help surgeons in the OR.

Microsoft Hololens was invented in 2016 and is a pair of reality sunglasses. Therefore, you can enjoy a wide range of experiences by working with your digital content in the real world.

Surgeons can us the Hololens to guide them throughout spinal surgery. To do so, they wear the glasses and they can see a 3D CT Scan of the patient’s spine while performing the surgery. The images are then projected into the real world. The surgeons can then precisely see where to place the screws into the patient’s back.

The Hololens is priced at $3,000 and available for purchase for organisations. In addition, individual developers who are ready to get started with augmented reality can also buy it!

Watch the video to see how it works!