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Axsis: Mini Robot For Cataract Surgery

Axsis: Mini Robot For Cataract Surgery

Axsis: The Mini Robot For Eye Surgery

Surgical procedures with the help of robots are becoming more and more common. Not all robots are that practical due to their size, expenses or inflexibility. For this reason, the Cambridge Consultants created Axsis, that was built to overcome those limitations. It is its first generation of sleeker and cheaper medical robots.

Axsis has tiny, flexible, worm-like arms. It is controlled with small joysticks that provide tactile feedback and has an internal algorithmic autopilot that keeps the surgeon who is piloting it from making mistakes. Moreover, the components outside the patient which control the tools that are inside, don’t have to move a lot in order to shift and articulate the instrument tips.

Cambridge Consultants believe this technology can be used for eye surgeries, such as cataract removal, as well as for other applications where great dexterity and a small robot is required.