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Competing at Work Vs. Competing in a Race

Competing at Work Vs. Competing in a Race

Whether it be leading an organisation or running a marathon; with every competition comes challenges and rewards. Being a leader at your daily job or on the field requires the same amount of mental work to reach the finish line.

The Ironman triathlon consists of a 3.86 km swim, a 180.25 km bicycle ride and a marathon run of 42.20 km with a limited time of 17 hours to complete the race. You might ask yourself how both men and women have the physical strength to participate in this race. During the race, most athletes will focus on the process of the race and not the outcome (Barton, 2017). You must build your mental toughness so when the big day arrives, you will have taught your brain to never give up (Arantes De Bem Junior, 2017). When participating in a competition that works with your mental strength you can gain emotional well-being which can decrease your stress and anxiety (, 2017). Whether it be working your day to day job or competing in a race, mental strength is more essential than physical strength. You must be determined to reach your goal and always believe that everything is possible if you put your mind into it. Always keep in mind that there is nothing more satisfying than crossing that finishing line and knowing that you accomplished your goal.

Hervé Gisserot develops the subject that running a marathon is the same process as leading an organization. “A few things Ironman triathlons taught me about leadership”, published on


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