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Ethicon Suturing Device

Ethicon Suturing Device

Ethicon Suturing Device to Improve Precision

Ethicon have created a suturing device called Proxisure to improve precision in minimally invasive surgeries.

The tip itself moves in different kinds of way, rotating in 360° and articulating 45° in both directions, all using mechanical operation. The shaft where the tip is manipulated works through a 12 mm trocar. The tip can be positioned easily, and the stitches are consistent.

The advanced device improves suturing precision in tight spaces thanks to its wrist-like manoeuvrability and curved needle. With the precision, it enables surgeons to get the desired angle, secure knots and control bites. As well as this, they reduce the risk of needle loss due to the maximum control of the needle during knot tying and suturing.

Proxisure is well suited for bariatric, general, colorectal, and gynaecology procedures.  Because of the curved needles a surgeon has the ability to suture a variety of tissue layers including flat surfaces. The device itself has a limited life and has to be replaced eventually, however it is reusable. Following the procedure, the patient is only left with a tiny exterior wound which improves the outcome and reduces recovery time.