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Eye test could help diagnose Autism

Eye test could help diagnose Autism

Eye Tracking Can Help Experts Diagnose Autism

Children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) may have the following characteristicssocial problems which include difficulty communicating and interacting and limited interests in activities. Depending on the person, some can be mildly affected by these symptoms and others severely disabled (, 2017).

Generally, ASD is diagnosed at a young age by looking at a child’s behaviour and development. However, diagnosing an adult is not easy; some symptoms of ASD can overlap with symptoms of other mental health disorders. The earlier a person is diagnosed with autism, the sooner they can receive treatments to help manage their symptoms (Davies, 2017).

The gaze analysis is a tool for experts to use in the diagnosis process. A study found children with this condition are more likely to look at objects or details in pictures or films rather than people (Davies, 2017). With the eye gaze tracking, experts can monitor where the child looks while watching a video or staring at a picture. This test is easy, effective, and inexpensive and could lead to a more rapid treatment for these children (Spectrum | Autism Research News, 2017).


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