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Fernanda Cantarell joins STRAMMER’s Middle Management Team!

Fernanda Cantarell joins STRAMMER’s Middle Management Team!

March 27, Madrid

Fernanda Cantarell email3 Lien Linkedin, Consultant in Middle Management Science & Innovation at STRAMMER 

Fernanda was born in Mexico and has had the luck and experience of living in different countries with different customs, cultures, lifestyles, mindsets, and experiences, which enables her today to easily adapt to new surroundings.

She first started working at STRAMMER as an intern in Business developer which was based on expanding client portfolio. A year later, she became International Researcher where she had the responsibility of carrying from the beginning to the end the entire process of candidate selection in the Life Sciences sector. After 2 years of working at STRAMMER, Fernanda re-oriented her career towards consulting in Middle Management.

During these past 2 years she has demonstrated to acquire a great knowledge and networking of the scientific sector focusing on the pharmaceutical industry.  Today, Fernanda provides a Full Talent Solution® for her clients from Talent Acquisition to Talent management projects.

As the European leader in Talent Acquisition and Talent Management services focused on the development of effective Talent strategies through our Full Talent Solution®, STRAMMER‘s international team of consultants is singularly focused in finding optimal solutions for our clientes worldwide.