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How to Stimulate Employees to Go the Extra Mile

How to Stimulate Employees to Go the Extra Mile

How to Stimulate Employees to Go the Extra Mile

Stimulating employees to go the extra mile can be valuable to organisational performance. It means that, rather than employees fulfilling the minimum requirements of their role, they choose to go above the expectations set for them to further the organisation’s mission, paving the way for enhanced productivity. But how can employers activate effort and encourage the workforce to go the extra mile?

To start, managers play a major role in the employee experience and are an important part of motivation. Excellent managers know their reports as individuals and adapt their management style according to the things that drive them. Taking the time to learn about their team’s personal interests can help managers to choose the optimal communication style, performance management approach, and development plan.

It is also important that employees understand how their efforts fit into the overall mission, because those who feel invested may be more inclined to expand additional time and effort. Articulating the goal frequently at leadership level can help to unify employees under the mission and a shared notion of impact.

In addition, studies show recognition is strongly linked with employee engagement. When employees do a well, it is important that they feel both their organisation and direct manager appreciate their contribution. Formal initiatives like organisational recognition schemes, as well as more low-key expressions of gratitude from managers, can help to make employees move beyond their roles.

Lastly, it is also important that managers watch out for things that can negatively impact employee engagement and motivation. Micromanagement is one of these, being considered as a harmful style of management. It can decrease creativity and motivation. The negative results of micromanaging can also carry out into the company culture, negatively affecting the whole organisation. Lastly, entrusting employees with responsibility can motivate them to take ownership and help drive forward organisational objectives through the extra effort they actively want to give.


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