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Importance Of Candidate Experience In Recruitment

Importance Of Candidate Experience In Recruitment

Improving Candidate Experience In Interviews

Recruiters are finding it progressively harderto obtaintalent-acquisition leverage in this rather strict, fast-moving world. An approach around this is to build an excellent candidate experience and incorporateit in the company policy. But what exactly is candidate experience?

According to HRTechnologist, “Candidate experience is defined as the perception of a job seeker about an employer, based on the interaction during the complete recruitment process. This includes all points of contact during recruitment – job search, the application process, interview process and onboarding. “

Importance Of Candidate Experience In Recruitment is tremendous, as it gives potential employees a real look into how the company works even before they are employed. A positive process should ensure that applicants are appreciated, respected, which improves chances of them being enthusiastic to work in the business. In recent studies, 68 per cent of applicants believed that the manner in which hiring managers behaved towards applicants in the recruiting phase represents how the organization manages the actual staff.

Therefore, if candidate experience is poor, companies are letting go of future potential employees, who were turned off from their first encounter. Additionally, it is more than likely that applicants will leave bad reviews of the process online or tell their peers.

Recruiters should be aware of this, and must presume that even prior to applying, each potential employee is going through reviews online or asking their network about the company. Therefore, we see the importance of candidate experience in recruitment experience, as it has a significant momentum on company reputation and the ability to bring in top recruits. Analysing and updating the protocol routinely can help identify alternative methods that are simpler, clearer and are of higher quality.

However, a complete upheaval of current procedure can be difficult for companies, without prior experience and expertise. Therefore, to ensure the successful transition, external help might be the way to go. Hiring an external talent management team can ensure successful coaching of recruiters bettering candidate experience for the short and long-term, all the while offering a fresh, new perspective. Effective talent management makes it possible to improve recruitment, talent retention, and the ability to make informed decisions.


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