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Importance Of Having A Supportive Boss

Importance Of Having A Supportive Boss

A Good Boss Improves Professional Happiness

The influence a superior has on their employees at work is tremendous, no matter how long they have worked in the company for. Employees are expected to show undue loyalty, work-ethic and determination but do not receive the same contribution from their bosses. Often, superiors are negligent of offering support, guidance or encouragement which affects employee dedication, loyalty and their performance. Statistics determine that employees do not leave companies, they leave managers. 

On the flip side, with the presence of a supportive boss, employee’s professional satisfaction and engagement rises. However, developing better professional understanding includes all members’ contribution — leaders and the workforce. Therefore, leaders must check in regularly, give criticism and have an “open-door policy”, where employees are welcome to consult with their bosses in case of confusion. The outcome not only boosts business prosperity, but also the standards for policies, regulations, suggestions and company environment. Additionally, these methods make a breeding ground for creativity and innovation. Employees who have empowering bosses are not afraid to come up with new ideas as they have no fear of being shut down rudely. Their ideas are further refined with the inputs from superiors allowing for improved capability and capacity. This further improves the importance of having a supportive boss.

This also extends to “leading by example”, which has significant effect on employee motivation and inspiration. Bosses who do not live by what they preach can come across as being hypocritical and having double standards, which can turn off employees. A supportive supervisor will be punctual, maybe show up even sooner than the rest of the personnel, take a salary cut when their employees do the same due to budget cuts, take part in employee engagement activities, and obey the same guidelines in the office.Such a manager motivates great admiration and commitment and employees will be inspired to emulate the same good behaviour.

Lastly, supportive bosses can change the environment completely; ensuring a safe space where employees can perform without fearing workplace toxicity, as they are certain that their boss will extinguish and resolve whatever disputes or uncertainties that occur. This mindset ensures that employee’s mental health is also preserved and burnouts are prevented. In the current post-crisis world, where the entire workforce is recovering and yearning for comprehensive leadership, the importance of having a supportive boss is high, as it can create a complete 180-degree difference in the company for the better.


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