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Be a pilot of a Boeing 737 is as challenging as running a Life Sciences company

There is a question that directors and shareholders might want to ask at some point to their CEO “Do you fly your own plane?”.

Indeed, flying a plane requires particular combination of competencies and skills, it actually is as challenging as running a company. CEO’s who fly planes have proven to be more open to innovation, whether it is product innovation or managerial innovation. To help executives develop these specific skills, STRAMMER offers an innovative two days seminar experience in a Boeing 737 simulator. It is a superb way to provide an attractive training and development opportunity to your Leadership Team.

This seminar is available in French with our Coach François Guénot email3 Lien Linkedin and in English with our Chairman & Coach Michel Darnaud email3 Lien Linkedin.

Have a look at this incredible new adventure below: