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Marta Feria joins STRAMMER

Marta Feria joins STRAMMER

February 27, 2019

STRAMMER is happy to introduce Marta Feria email3 Lien Linkedin Consultant in Middle Management, Science & Innovation

After a master’s degree in Human Resource Management, Marta started her career as a Trainee Technical Consultant at Gestiónitas, a local Human Resources Company in Seville, Spain where she later became a Human Resource Consultant.

With a background in psychology, she was able to apply, correct and interpret some psychometric tests to candidates in the engineering and construction sectors.

As far as Talent Management is concerned, she has experience in the development of job satisfaction studies, analysis and draw up job descriptions to advise companies on organisational change.

Wanting to work internationally, she joined STRAMMER to apply her flexibility and adaptability to the deployment of the Full Talent Solution® by bringing all previous experience in both Talent Acquisition and Talent Management.

“All progress takes place outside of the comfort zone, for me it means you have to do things that scare you to achieve something and develop yourself.”

Marta’s aim at STRAMMER is to find the perfect candidate to fit not only the right position but the culture of the company, which can sometimes be a challenge, while maintaining and taking care of clients.

Her flexibility and adaptability skills will be key in developing and applying our Full Talent Solution®.

« I am really happy to have Marta in my team; she is a hard worker, she has team spirit and STRAMMER’s DNA; she understands the needs of our clients, listens and takes care of them. She is consistently pleasant, tackling all assignments with dedication and great professionalism and always with a smile.She will have a great future in STRAMMER for sure! » said Teresa Toro email3 Lien Linkedin Country Manager IBERIA