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Mechanical Instrument Prevents Difficulties

Mechanical Instrument Prevents Difficulties

Low-cost mechanical instrument for minimally invasive surgery

Surgeons now got the chance to use a new type of mechanical instrument to perform complex, minimally invasive procedures thanks to researchers of the National Science Foundation.

The mechanical instrument provides robot-like functionality at a lower cost compared to existing robotic surgical systems. That lower cost could result in new capabilities for rural hospitals and other medical center that can’t afford more expensive systems.

This technology gives surgeons a higher degree of dexterity, precision and intuitive control than traditional laparoscopic instruments. Traditional laparoscopic instruments usually require a significant training for surgeons, and can be difficult and tiresome to use, which, in result, may lead to longer surgeries and increased healthcare costs. However, the mechanical instrument helps surgeons and could lead to less trauma for patients and shorter recovery times after surgery.