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Outplacement Is Vital and Here Is Why

Outplacement Is Vital and Here Is Why

Why You Should Invest in Outplacement

It is very common for companies to go through downsizing/layoff situations, and this shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. For instance, according to a 2019 Wakefield survey, given the “implementation of new technology.”, 70% of companies have dismissed employees or plan to do so

Governments developed ways to protect employees from these situations. For example, in many countries, companies are required to notify employees in advance, in the event of dismissals or even obliged to compensate them monetarily, etc. Companies have also developed strategies to help workers overcome the situation, such as training or outplacement. It is on the last one we want to focus on.

Outplacement is defined as a specialised service for workers who have been fired or dismissed. The company pays for it. However, it is not for the entire workforce. It is intended towards workers in high positions with many responsibilities. Organisations do not have to offer this service, but as we will see, it brings infinite benefits. Outplacement processes take an average of 1 year, from the moment workers start until they find a job. Everything depends on the programme companies choose.

It is vital that, in difficult times, such as when someone is fired, employees do not feel forgotten or lost, as this can have negative effects on their personality and leave them stressed and/or anxious.

The job market changes rapidly, it is extremely complex and competitive. Therefore, candidates must be ready for this, and outplacement helps. This process includes different steps of orientation/guidance and career management. To name a few: developing employees’ resumes; preparing for interviews, working on self-confidence, improving soft skills,; learning how to strengthen networks, etc.. Outplacement helps employees move on from the job they just lost, closing this chapter and finding new opportunities.

However, many companies do not understand why outplacement is so important since these employees will leave the organisation. These services are very advantageous for employers. It is a way for them to show that they care about the workforce and its future. Not helping employees during this difficult time can mean that they will have a negative image of the company and will tell others about their experience. In addition, within the company, the workforce may fear that this will happen to them, which reduces trust between employers and workers. Outplacement services improve the employer’s brand and enhance working relationships.

At STRAMMER, we offer outplacement services, which include everything mentioned above and more. They allow participants to benefit from our Consultants, dedicated Executive Coach/Mentor and extensive network experiences in accompanying and developing candidates. The different views of the CCC team (Candidate, Coach, Consultant) complement each other and strengthen the workers’ growth. The outplacement process includes three main steps:

Career Management

Marketing Strategy

Coaching Research Strategy

Ultimately, outplacement must help employees understand priorities, establish goals, improve their skills and plan their next steps towards finding their next position.

If you want to know more about STRAMMER’s outplacement programmes feel free to contact Aurore Berdah Picture1Email3 e1478535332407 1, consultant in Talent Management & Outplacement.


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