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STRAMMER welcomes Philippe Champaud

STRAMMER welcomes Philippe Champaud

Philippe Champaud joins STRAMMER France

Meet Philippe Champaud Email3 e1478535332407 Lien Linkedin our new Strategic Client Partner. He worked in MedTech for 30 years in various fields and domains such as endovascular or orthopedy.

Philippe has extensive experience in leading multi-functional and multi-cultural teams. He has had the opportunity to manage and lead several international teams through keys functions in different positions: Marketing, Sales, R&D and head of a start-up. He is an expert in Market Development and professional coaching for individuals and Executive teams.

Passionate about innovation with an interest and a curiosity for people and teams, Philippe is very interested in the following dynamic group coaching topic: how to make a multicultural, multifunctional group work optimally, more efficiently and with pleasure. Indeed, in such teams the risks of miscommunication and misinterpretation are numerous. Philippe thrives in group development and making sure that synergies are powerful and at the service of overall efficiency.

For him, clients are currently facing turbulent areas due to Covid-19. Companies need to make sure all team members are back on board. Economic difficulties are looming and it is important to mobilize the teams to seize all future opportunities. This needs to be done while facing the usual challenges, i.e. continuing to support managers to develop their full potential!

As a certified coach and thanks to his previous leading position, Philippe is motivated by people development (individual or group) to reach untapped potential. He says: “Everyone will find their place. There are too many people who are not happy in their job when there are extraordinary opportunities everywhere!”.
He believes things do not happen just by luck. One must know how to provoke luck and seize it to turn it into success: “Don’t be shy about your success, you have to communicate about it”.

That is why he is convinced Executive teams and all employees will have to find their place in an environment that is more virtual than before, in an organisation that will undeniably transform and with new skills which implies activating different resources and competences.