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Technological Device Supports Blood Clot Removal

Technological Device Supports Blood Clot Removal

Technological Device aids Surgeons with Blood Clot Removal

The immediate occurrence of blood clots no longer poses as an irreversible health threat. With medicinal advances and companies like Aidoc, the issue relating to how to address blood clot or blood clot removal can now be tackled with great confidence. Surely the procedural risks and challenges are still present, however, the aid of a new medical device just made mechanical thrombectomy a lot more accessible and effortless.

Blood clots or thrombosis form inside the blood veins or arteries which block the flow of blood. This blockage prevents the much-needed flow of oxygen from reaching tissues within the area. Ischaemia is the result of this phenomenon which can lead to further tissue damage and swelling. Excessive damage can create complications to the heart, intestines, kidneys, lungs, brain, and other major organs. Since 2016, thrombosis has killed one out of four people worldwide, despite approximately 45% of people knowing that the condition can be preventable.

With well-known organisations like WHO bringing about critical awareness of the growing concerns pertaining to thrombosis, it seems quite fitting for medical companies to make their mark as well. For example, Capture Vascular Inc. is a medical device development company who specialises in innovative medical devices.

Their newest device or the Capture Vascular MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System uses a catheter tip apparatus inside a tube or syringe that is then inserted into the arteries.  Capture Vascular’s SafeSeal technology is one of its kind that creates a strong suction to seal off blood flow within the target zone, securing the work environment or the thrombosis which is then safely removed.

Capture Vascular hopes that their technology will benefit greatly hospitals, surgeons and patients alike by enabling them a faster, safer, more cost-efficient means of mechanical thrombectomy.


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