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Universal blood Type

Universal blood Type

An Enzyme Found In Gut Bacteria Could Form A Universal Blood Type

Scientists from the University of British Colombia have found an enzyme in the digestive tract that could create a possible “universal” blood type.

Type O blood is considered the “universal” blood type allowing to mix with others for transfusions. This makes it very high in demand and very hard to source.

With the new studies, they have found DNA they could extract from human-gut microbes; therefore, type A and B antigens could be removed from the red blood cells. Which would make it effective in situations where type O blood is scarce.

Dr. Stephen Withers from the University of British Colombia says, « I am optimistic that we have a very interesting candidate to adjust donated blood to a common type, » He continues, « Of course, it will have to go through lots of clinical trials to make sure that it doesn’t have any adverse consequences, but it is looking very promising. »