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The Vein Finder Device

The Vein Finder Device

What is the vein finder device and how does it work? 

Locating veins in patients is not easy, even for healthcare professionals. Some of us have prominent veins which are easy to locate, but most of us have veins that are hard to see. It is harder to find the veins of Children, elderly, and people with darkcolored skin.

The vein finder device shines infrared  light on the skin and causes the veins to become much more visible to the naked eye. Many healthcare professionals believe the device can promote improvements in best practices to drive better patient outcomes.

Here are the steps on how to use the Veinlite Pro Vein Finder :

  1. Place the device against the skin perpendicular to the direction of the vein
  2. Move it forwards and backwards until a vein is located
  3. Rotate the device 90-degrees until it’s parallel to the vein
  4. Press down gently to keep the vein in place and push back gently to stretch the skin
  5. Insert the needle into the vein through the opening of the device

The device is even available for purchase to the public!