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Wearable Epinephrine Auto Injector

Wearable Epinephrine Auto Injector

Wearable Epinephrine Auto Injector

The Harvard Wyss Institute and the KeepSmilin4Abbie Foundation have collaborated to advance research and development efforts in early detection of anaphylaxis.

Anaphylaxis is a rapid and serious allergic reaction that may cause death. It usually causes more than one of these following symptoms: an itchy rash, throat or tongue swelling, shortness of breath, vomiting, light-headedness, and low blood pressure. They typically come on over minutes to hours of exposure.

It is mostly treated by an adrenaline injection which is carried in the form of an auto-injector by the allergic person. Although adrenaline can prevent an anaphylactic reaction from becoming an anaphylactic shock, death from anaphylaxis is still common due to the adrenaline not being injected early enough.

This non-invasive device can be worn on the arm and works by monitoring health and measuring bio-markers such as: temperature, skin response and cardiac rhythm. It measures histamine levels during an allergic reaction, and auto-injects epinephrine to stop the reaction if the sensors signify anaphylaxis.

Often people with severe allergies fail to carry or use epinephrine at the time an allergic reaction happens. The wearable health monitor and epi-pen will prevent many premature deaths and would work with an app allowing the administration of epinephrine remotely.


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