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Importance Of Internal Mobility During COVID-19

Importance Of Internal Mobility During COVID-19

How Internal Mobility Can Help Businesses During A Crisis

Recruiting can be a difficult and demanding process. Your strategy can be the key to success, which is why many organisations must understand the importance of internal mobility during COVID-19. This is especially necessary during the Coronavirus crisis as it has created labour shortages, extra responsibilities, and reduced finances to recruit more employees.

Therefore, through placing an importance on internal mobility during COVID-19, organisations can find the ideal employee to fill a new job vacancy in the workforce with ease. This practice comprises diverse situations. It can mean promoting a worker to a higher position, with more responsibility and authority or simply moving an employee to another department/location. This can satisfy a temporary or permanent necessity depending on the company.

It is a great way to save time and money spent on external recruitment, like posting job ads, answering applicants, etc. Subsequently, this reduces the added uncertainty attached to not meeting candidates face-to-face while conducting remote interviews. When recruiting internally, companies already know the candidates, their best skills/talents and know that they are fit to their values/culture. Internal mobility equally reduces and facilitates the onboarding period, as these workers already know the company, colleagues, work dynamics, etc. Thus, it is less risky and time consuming.

Another important benefit of this practice is that it can inspire and boost morale in the workforce, making them more productive as it shows that hard work pays off and that there is a place to grow and succeed in the company. This is extremely important during crisis situations as employees may feel unmotivated and unproductive due to the challenging predicament. Additionally, it improves company culture by creating healthy competitiveness. Therefore, we see how it can help retain talented workers, improve employee motivation and reduce turnovers.

In most cases, when recruiting internally, there may be a need to train and upskill employees. This is an advantage for them as it is a way to strengthen their abilities, discover new talents and even improve their adaptability skill. Companies also benefit from this, as having a qualified and competent workforce will only help them achieve their goals and get better results in a shorter period of time and be better prepared for post-crisis recovery.

In addition, companies must find strategies to effectively advertise opportunities. They can do so by directly appointing employees who may be interested/fit or by announcing the position through both online and offline internal communication channels. The latest offers all interested workers the chance to apply.

At the same time, finding a proper and effective internal mobility policy is mandatory to have a fair and transparent process. A 2019 study by Deloitte showed that the “lack of processes to identify and move employees” was the “most challenging barriers to internal mobility for the business”.

To help companies in Internal Mobilities, STRAMMER offers different solutions as part of their Strategic Advice service. One of them is Evaluación which offers the optimal predictive value for internal mobility: all candidates go through different types of exercises to determine if he/she is suitable for a specific position. The selected profiles are in complete adequacy with the skills required for the role and the company’s expectations. Another solution we provide is Development Centres which is a tailor-made programme built to develop individuals based on their strengths and weaknesses identified during the Assessment. This allows the selected candidate to work on their skills and be better equipped/ prepared for their new role.

In addition, we offer an Onboarding and Mentoring programme, which enables the candidate to be 53% more effective in adapting to their new position. The goals of this are to get faster and more impactful results, accelerate and guarantee the executives integration, build personal branding, ensure faster and stronger relationship with his/her team.

Feel free to contact us for any needs you might have regarding Internal Mobility!


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